Intuitive. With easy and basic features for everyone


Find whoever you want and whatever you want fast


It enhances your natural capabilities



Zonetacts is an innovative application designed to help you communicate with those around you.

A radical and natural way to communicate, it is like having a conversation without digital tools.

When the conversation is over it automatically disappears.

You only need Zonetacts.

Trade fairs

Meet new people who are nearby. Select those who you know already from Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter!!

Cultural events

Experiment sharing your thoughts and feelings with those who are at the same cultural event as you are

For SMEs

New opportunities for SMEs. Find new potential employees near your premises


Attract passersby by offering them deals or by inviting them to chat


Communicate with other visitors at tourist attractions you are visiting


Share your interests. Meet your neighbours and get to know new shops while walking or driving


Rediscover your neighbourhood. Meet those interesting people who are nearby. People you would never meet without Zonetacts

Look around you

Take advantage of what Zonetacts offers to find new opportunities wherever you are


Find a job where you live

Find new talent in your local area

Find someone to go with you to the cinema

In a trade fair enhance your opportunities by connecting with other Zonetacts users

Promote your shop to passersby

Advertise your company in your area

Enjoy cultural events in a new way

Find partners in your area

Attract tourists and visitors to your business

Chat with shops in your local area, with shopping centres about new promotions or even with other customers who happen to be there

Discover new neighbours, new companies, new services you didn't know were there

Discover a new, easy and fun way to connect with everything around you


Zonetacts is a powerful communication tool which enhances your capacity to find, interact and relate to people in your area.

Zonetacts will always protect your personal information.

Our commitment is to ensure that:

We will never share your location

You are always in control of your identity

You know whether you are visible or not to others

You will only talk to people who you approve through the application, afterwards, the conversation history will deleted

Zonetacts does never store conversations after they have been deleted from your device

You can communicate with any Brand that has already been registered with Zonetacts, however, these Brands will not be able to get in direct contact with you

Zonetacts in the media

Here you can see all the appearances in the Spanish media since we launched Zonetacts. As you see, many media have echoed the ephemeral chats revolution with people with whom you share interests and are close to you.

Appearances in press articles and specialized websites:

Zonetacts, a non-fingerprint ephemeral messaging app Zonetacts is born, a chat to contact strangers around you Connect with people just 10 minutes away from you ZONETACTS, EPHEMERAL MESSAGE TO BE CLOSER Zonetacts, the WhatsApp to talk to strangers around you

A social network to find people near you Zonetacts, the WhatsApp to talk to strangers who are nearby Zonetacts ephemeral messaging app ready for the new digital user Zonetacts, the application to find people to share with

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